Marrow Cellution Stem Cell Harvesting System

Overcoming The Limations Of Traditional Trocar Needles

MARROW CELLUTION™ aspirates stem cell rich bone marrow through multiple lateral ports while closing off the distal port of the aspiration canula. This significantly reduces peripheral blood infiltration, eliminating the need for centrifugation. It incorporates technology to precisely reposition the harvesting cannula within the marrow space after each aspiration. These features achieve a clinician’s desire for a single entry point, allowing immediate application without CENTRIFUGATION anticoagulants or manipulation.


MARROW CELLUTION™ aspirates from multiple geographies while eliminating peripheral blood collection



A traditional trocar needle aspirates primarily peripheral blood

Because fluids under force follow the path of least resistance, traditional trocar needles with side ports aspirate primarily through the distal end of the cannula. This leads to excessive peripheral blood collection, requiring additional manipulation (i.e. centrifugation or chemical separation in a laboratory).